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Patient Information: Medical Care - SpectraCell FIA 5000 Testing

SPECTRACELL FIA 5000 testing should be repeated every 8 to 12 months to ensure that you are continuing to improve your nutritional levels of all substances that are below optimal level for healing.

Diet is essential to speed the healing process. Foods grown without pesticides have much higher nutrient levels – consult Organic Foods on this website.

Consult the factsheet: Eating for Healing on this website.

Consult the factsheet: Alkaline Diet on this website. Both of these are under the New Treatment section. Inflammation causes the body to become much more acidic. This interferes with detoxification, slows cell repair, depletes minerals, interferes with ALL body functions and causes osteoporosis.

I also recommend that you review other relevant sections under Medical Care on this website.


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