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Patient Information: Medical Care - Your Healthcare Information

Help your healthcare provider help you better

Fill out the Quick Environmental Health Questionnaire and take to your health care provider.

The front of the questionnaire can be ready by him/her in two minutes to see if you have a problem and how severe it is.

If there is a problem, page 2 of the questionnaire tells more about what may have caused it and what makes it worse.

You should also use page 2 with the book Less Toxic Alternatives by Carolyn Gorman and Dr. Ziem’s Environmental Control Plan to correct what you can.

I hope this information is helpful to you. For the many people needing scientific healing care that we cannot accept as patients, I recommend the above steps as appropriate.

If you locate a physician who is serious about helping you through the protocol and learning more about this treatment approach, I may be able to speak with him/her (depending on my schedule), but I would need a copy of your SpectraCell test results and at least a copy of the Quick Health Environmental Questionnaire. This is a shorter questionnaire designed for busy health care providers.

We will accept new patients as we are able, but I insist that you do NOT argue in any way with my staff about scheduling.  I will not accept argumentative persons as patients because our experience has been that such patients create occupational stress for my staff.  Therefore, being "pushy" with my staff will virtually guarantee that you will not become my patient in the future.  I must also protect the occupational health of my staff even though I understand your need and desperation.

It is my sincere wish to train physicians about concepts that have taken me forty years of intensive study to learn.


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