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Patient Information: Medical Care - Neural Protocol

If you have frequent respiratory and/or neurologic symptoms, often accompanied by fatigue and/or aching, you likely will need treatment using healing substances to help correct the biochemical disturbances. (Scientists often call these changes neural sensitization: I have described the healing approach as a "neural protocol" because the brain and nervous system are an important part of the mechanism causing widespread symptoms.

This treatment can cost up to $350.00 monthly and sometimes more, depending upon your test needs. Your specific treatment should be based upon testing through SpectraCell Laboratories. If you can use the “basic NPS formula” rather than special compounding you can do the treatment much more economically. I have based the “basic NSP” Rx on test and treatment results of many hundreds of patients.

If you do the neural protocol, first consult TREATING CHEMICAL INJURY STEP BY STEP on this website.

Also remember that proper daily use of nebulized hydroxocobalamin is the most effective and inexpensive way of slowing down the inflammation cycle described in the New Treatment section of this website.  It is essential to try to follow the step-by-step guidelines on this website and to follow proper nebulizer use technique and frequency to achieve progress.  Three times daily will give you much faster progress and once daily barely helps.

The most common cause of any irritation symptoms with the protocol is that the body is too inflamed for the concentration being used. The substance should be immediately discontinued until all irritation is cleared, and then reintroduced at a significantly more dilute levelIt should only be used if there is no irritation or other symptom increase

Sometimes individuals with significant gastric stomach inflammation can experience some symptoms with the capsules. Usually following the step-by-step guidelines is adequate to manage this. You may need to begin with a small pinch of one capsule diluted with food or liquid.  Remember, some healing is better than none and as healing progresses the concentration and amounts can be gradually increased.


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