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 Patient Information: Medical Care - Nebulizer

I hope to develop more materials to help individuals more easily use the nebulizer.  At this time, the Aeroneb Go nebulizer is unique because it achieves sufficiently small mist particles that, when used with a nasal nipple, the healing substance can go directly into the nose and the brain to help brain healing.  When breathed into the lungs by either the nasal attachment or directly through the mouthpiece, the particle size of the mist is small enough to allow the substances to not only help heal the respiratory tract but also to enter the body and improve levels throughout the body.  Most nebulizers will not achieve these effects because the particle size is not sufficiently small. (Particle size needs to be 5 microns or less.)

It is easy to clog the filter of any nebulizer.  From the very beginning, follow the nebulizer care instructions carefully every time you use the nebulizer.  The tiny filter you see when you remove the cap of the nebulizer has many hundreds of invisible holes to allow the mist to pass through in a very small particle size.  These can be easily clogged with residue of glutathione (or other healing substances) if not adequately cleaned and back flushed.

The nebulizer filter also can be clogged by placing the (concentrated) hydroxocobalamin directly on the filter rather than first adding water and/or glutathione.

Without immediate rinsing and back flushing after every use, filter clogging is likely. Preventing filter clogging allows you to nebulize in about seven minutes, but if your filter begins to clog, nebulizing can take between ten and thirty minutes!

The more often you nebulize the faster you will heal.  This entire protocol is not like taking vitamins!  It is an entirely different concept.

These are substances intended to interrupt the vicious biochemical cycle illustrated on my website under New Treatment.  Because the cycle operates continuously, nebulization is not effective when done once a day.

This need for continuous protection is true for vitamin C, which must be taken at least twice daily because it does not last for 12 hours. This same is also true for the NSP capsules, which ideally should be gradually worked up to 3 times daily, without pushing irritation.

Never tough out any symptoms using the protocol

These are pure healing substances if compounded by Key Pharmacy.  They are in bioactive form without fillers, additives or other junk and most of them you are born with, but have been depleted by toxic injury chronic illness.

Vitamin E can be taken once daily, but it is essential that a high gamma tocopherol be used. "Mixed" tocopherols” do not contain enough gamma tocopherol to be effective as a peroxynitrite scavenger. Peroxynitrite is an extremely damaging free radical and 200 IU gamma tocopherol (a form of natural vitamin E) is required to reduce damage in all lipid tissues such as cell membranes, brain and nerves.

If you have or are able to achieve a home environment that does not increase your symptoms, you may only need treatment for up to two years, and then merely follow a maintenance dose with yearly SpectraCell testing.  SpectraCell Laboratories (800-227-5227) is the only laboratory that tests your body's NEED for specific healing, substances, including those needed for reducing inflammation such as reactive airway disease, other aching, fatigue, and improving brain and nerve function.

Your goal should be to achieve average or above levels for ALL substances on the SpectraCell FIA 5000 panel, because the comparison population (marked in black) is the general (often "junk food/fast food nutrient depleted") eating American public.


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