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Neural Sensitization: The Medical Key to Treatment of Chemical Injury


We will be discussing chemical injury biochemistry. Chemical injury can cause chronic damage to body biochemistry. This involves biochemical vicious cycles that scientists call “Neural Sensitization” (as discussed below). These biochemical changes are caused by chemical exposure. These cycles cause chemical sensitivity and other chemical injury.

Unless and until this biochemistry is healed naturally, inflammation and ongoing damage will occur. Drugs cannot heal these vicious cycles.

Only science-based treatment with the proper healing substances can help heal these cycles, which will otherwise cause ongoing inflammation and organ damage.

This chemical injury treatment is based on scientific knowledge and testing. This treatment is designed to help heal these biochemical changes and the damage they cause. The diagrams at the end can help you follow this complex type of body damage.

For more basic concepts, see factsheet HOW CHEMICAL INJURY AFFECTS THE BODY.


Treatment Summary

Briefly, intervention to help reduce these vicious biochemical cycles includes:

    Ingredients all natural and FDA-approved

    Ingredient type and dose is selected to help heal the biochemical cycles that otherwise can lead to chronic severe body changes.

    Easy nebulizer for ingredients not well absorbed by mouth.

    Nasal spray for fast relief.

    Capsules which must be taken throughout the day (3 meals, evening) to be effective.

    The meals should contain some essential fat to help CoQ10 absorb (eg egg, seeds/nuts, nut butter, meat fish oil, olive oil, etc.) and for good nutrition. See factsheet EATING FOR HEALING.

    For treatment steps, see factsheet TREATING CHEMICAL INJURY: STEP BY STEP.

    For more summary facts, see CHEMICAL INJURY TREATMENT: A SUMMARY.

    Review these sections on page 7 and 8:

      Nebulizer use


      Exposure control

More scientific information follows for those interested.


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