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Basic Steps to get started

Because of your inflammation, begin slowly and increase gradually as able. If irritation, slow or dilute further. All nebulizer/nasal and most oral substances you were born with. As healing progresses you can use more.

    1) Sublingual methylcobalamine, 5 mg (Health Products Inc. 800-228-4265 or Xymogen 800-228-6100). 1-2 under tongue, repeating until symptoms clear, then 2-6 daily to reduce “reactions.”  Need is life long.

    With exposures, use methylcobalamine 1-2 tablets under tongue, repeating until symptoms clear. These can be carried with you when away from home AS A RESCUE KIT. Use often to slow down the vicious biochemical cycle which causes body inflammation.

    2) Use 1 Ultimate E (Thorne) or Xcellent E (Xymogen) WITH FOOD daily. If needed, puncture gelcap, begin with 1-2 drops mixed with food and increase as able. This type of high gamma tocopherol is essential. Need is lifelong.

    3) Buffered vitamin C twice daily building up to 1 gram/dose.  If irritation, start with small pinch, work up gradually. Reduce if loose stools. Vitamin C need is lifelong.

    4) S-acetyl glutathione capsules (Xymogen) 1-2 with fat/oil 2-3 times daily for best absorption. They are fat soluble. Patients can try glutathione (as well as methylcobalamine) for reactions: if it helps, your body needs it.

    5) Begin NSP capsules (or B complex and/or antioxidant Rx) with food in the stomach: one with a meal for a few days, then one with a second meal for a few days, then one with third meal. If any irritation, open capsule and begin with a pinch in food, increasing gradually to full capsule.  For NSP slowly increase to 2 with meals, then gradually increase further. If any irritation, reduce and wait to increase until more healing. As you increase NSP you can gradually reduce/omit extra C.

    6) Taurine 500 mg cap (Thorne) not with meals or protein. If sleep problems 1-2 capsules mid-evening to help fall asleep and/or 1-2 at bedtime to help night awakening. Also reduces sensitization, improves detoxification.

    7) Methylcobalamine can be compounded into drops on the tongue if preferred. Glutathione can be compounded for use as daily self injection: subcutaneous or into muscle.

    8) Some people prefer the nebulizer for glutathione (more expensive). Working up to full dose may be slower due to respiratory inflammation.

    To nebulize:

    a) Use nebulizer brand per Key Pharmacy 800-878-1322. Use water (or saline) alone first time. Nebulize at least 3-4 times daily, more often with exposure, when sicker or to get better faster.

    b) Add 2 ml (droppers) of water to nebulizer first, then add 1 drop concentrated specialized vitamin B12 (methylcobalamine) in nebulizer. Never put B12 in first. For 5 mg strength you may need to dilute with 5-10 drops or more of water in extra small brown bottle. Gradually increase to 5 mg full strength.

    c) If you have Rx for nebulized glutathione, add 2 drops glutathione to 2 ml water in nebulizer. If any irritation, dilute to below irritation level. Increase concentration gradually, staying below irritation level. If okay increase glutathione add 2 drops, then 4, 6, 8, etc. until you can use glutathione without water (can use with compounded 5mg/drop B12). If you have irritation (coughing, etc.) reduce glutathione dose irritation level until more healing, then slowly increase again. Never put B12 in first as it will clog the filter, add to water/glutathione.

    d) When you can use glutathione 10 mg/ml, gradually increase concentration with pharmacy, e.g. 40mg/ml, 80mg/ml.

    vIf you have irritation after nebulizing, discontinue. Then for mild symptoms dilute further, and go up more gradually. Worse inflammation needs more dilute amounts or injectable forms.

    Sinus/Ear Congestion Nebulizer Technique

    a. Begin by nebulizing through nose. Close one nostril; breathe in other nostril (with nasal “nipple”). Then switch nostrils.

    b. Breathe in through your mouth while holding tips of both nostrils closed.

    c. Hold breath several seconds, still holding nostrils. Use other hand to close back slits of nebulizer so vapor enters sinuses and eustachian tubes to relieve ear pressure.  Breathe out through nose.

NEBULIZER CLEANING: Use immediately after filling to prevent nebulizer malfunction. Clean immediately after use. Take apart, rinse well with water.  Run water through nebulizer to create mist for ˝ - 1 minute following each use to unclog filter.  Air dry.

SpectraCell-Based Treatment: Use scatter plot: goal is B12 in top 10-20%, glutathione top 25%. All patients need high gamma E, almost all need C (goal top third). Magnesium top third: Magnesium glycinate best (e.g. Moss Nutrition 800-851-5444).

Dr. Ziem will be happy to talk to your doctor.

Diet is Important

The foods you consume have an effect on the repair of your body from chemical injury. Eating the right foods will speed the healing process. Eat organic foods as often as you can. Learn what to eat, how to prepare and eat it, and why certain foods are better for healing than others on the Eating for Healing page.

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