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New Treatment for Chemical Injury and Chemical Sensitivity

Recent research and clinical practice has led to a protocol that treats the cycles of inflammation that occur after chemical injury. This inflammatory state significantly contributes to chemical sensitivities that are very often the result of chemical injury. This section presents the full protocol for the new treatment, written with both the patient and doctor in mind. You can view a summary of this treatment and a sample prescription.  Be sure to read the Medical Care section as well for a complete picture of treatment of chemical injury. To go directly to treatment steps, click this link--Treating Chemical Injury: Step By Step


Neural Sensitization: The Medical Key to Treatment of Chemical Injury

An introduction to Neural Sensitization--the type of damage from chemicals, how damage occurs, the biochemistry of vicious cycles of inflammation, types of chemicals that cause damage, the science behind the treatment of neural sensitization, the biochemistry behind the treatment, the need for exposure control as part of treatment, charts illustrating the vicious cycles, and footnotes.

Treating Chemical Injury: Step by Step

The step by step protocol to significantly reduce the inflammation that is the result of chemical injury, which leads to neural sensitization.

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