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Sample Neural Protocol (NSP) Rx

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Click link to download .pdf of the Neural Protocol (NSP) Rx

Medically Necessary Protocol

Rx Dispense NSP up to 2 ____ months per patient

With NSP capsules (or B complex and /or antioxidant Rx ) always take with food in stomach. Begin gradually one with a meal for a few days, then one with a second meal for a few days, then one with third meal. Goal is three times daily or more. For best protection, take with meals/snacks. If any stomach irritation, open capsule and begin with a pinch in food, increasing gradually to full capsule. For NSP slowly increase to 2 with meals, then gradually increase further. If any irritation, reduce and wait for further healing. As you increase NSP you can gradually reduce/omit extra vitamin C. If loose stools or nontoxic living/work/school environment. Bioavailable forms are given- do not substitute.



Glutathione Function/Reactivation

Glutathione Function/Reaction

Ascorbic Acid  _______mg/day (up to 2000 mg)

Vitamin C  If irritation start with a pinch and work up gradually. Discontinue if loose bowels. Donít use chewable!  

Selenomethione 400 mcg/day

Alpha lipoic acid  600mg/day               without lipoic acid

  Thorne* Buffered C ____gm twice/d. Begin slow   PRN

Riboflavin-5-phosphate 150mg/day

  Xymogen* Xcellent C 750 mg  twice daily                PRN

Components of Superoxide Dismutase

  Alpha Lipoic acid   600mg/day Begin with 100mg/day  Take with food and  increase gradually Thorne* Thiocid 300mg PRN

Zinc glycinate 20mg/day

Copper glycinate 0.5mg/day                without copper

Energy Metabolism for healing and to calm NMDA

Manganese glycinate, 2mg/day

  Thorne* Q Best 50mg     100mg _____/d    PRN

Compounds Related to Peroxynitrite Biochemistry

  Xymogen* CoQ10 (gelcaps) _____mg/d               PRN

Magnesium glycinate  400mg/day

  Vital Nutrients* Ultra pure fish oil with 100mg CoQ10___tsp/d  PRN

Betaine (trimethylglycine) 500mg/day

MTHF (bioactive folate) 1mg/day

Compounds related to peroxynitrite biochemistry:

Scavengers of Peroxynitrite & Its Breakdown Products:

  Thorne* Ultimate E  or Xymogen* HG (E must be high gamma) eg 200 IU) 1 daily                                        PRN

Ginkgo biloba extract, 120mg/day

Siliphos 400mg/day

  Metagenics* E complex 1:1  _____/d   (child size)  PRN

Bilberry extract, 300mg/day

  5-MTHF Thorne*  1 mg/d                                      PRN

Cranberry extract, 400mg/day

Membrane/myelin/brain/nerve repair:

Carotenoid mixture (5mg each lycopene, beta-carotene, other carotenoids: 10 mg each lutein and zeaxanthine,/day

  Vital Nutrients* Ultra pure fish oil liquid ____tsp/d   PRN

  Xymogen* Phosphaline Phosphaline 4:1;___tsp/d PRN

Superoxide Scavengers

 Metagenics* OmegaGenics Cap EPA 500mg:DHA 80mg__/d PRN

Proanthocyanidin 400 mg/day: Activin

NeuroKrill (Douglas Labs*) DHA conjugated, phosphatidyl-serine 100 mg/cap & astaxanthin 750 mcg ____/d PRN

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) 400 mg/day

GABA Formation to Calm NMDA Activation

  Bioastin (astaxanthin) 12 mg: Nutrex Hawaii*, ____/d    PRN

Pyridoxal-5-phoshpate 150 mg/day

  Carlson liquid cod liver oil (D3 400 IU) 1 tsp/d           PRN

Energy Metabolism for Healing/ Calming NMDA

Sleep/Reducing Sensitization/ Detoxification

Acetyl-L-carnitine 500mg/day

Thorne* Pharma GABA 100mg    250mg, near bedtime PRN

Niacinamide 100mg/day

 Thorne* Taurine 500mg

 1-2 mid to late evening to help fall asleep PRN

 1-2 late evening for night awakening PRN

Thiamine HCL 100mg/day

CoQ10 100mg/day

Chromium glycinate 350mcg/day

? Vital Nutrients* MSM cap 1000mg

Pantethine (B5) 800mg/day

? Epsom salt (Mg sulfate) baths Ĺ-1 cup in bathwater   PRN

Biotin 3mg/day

? Uritrax/D mannose 1 tsp before bath to reduce risk of urinary tract infection (women) Xymogen* or Pure Encapsulations PRN


Molybdenum glycinate 200mcg/day

  Magnesium glycinate Moss Nutrition* 150mg ____/d  PRN

THIS Rx WITH ALL COMPONENTS PRESCRIBED MUST BE TAKEN FREQUENTLY EACH DAY TO INTERRUPT THE VICIOUS BIOCHEMICAL CYCLE OF NEURAL SENSITIZATION. For questions on NSP ingredient purity/efficacy, contact Key Pharmacy 800-878-1322. Xymogen (800-647-6100) Thorne (800-228-1966), Vital Nutrients 888-328-9992, Moss Nutrition (800-851-5444), Metagenics (800-638-2848), Nutrex Hawaii (800-453-1187), Douglas Labs (800-245-4440). All testable values should be adjusted per Spectracell scatter plots Ė goal B12 top 10-20%, Copper not over 50%, other minerals up to top⅓ , other listed nutrients at least top⅓.




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