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“Corporate Crime”

Freedom of speech was obtained at great cost. Rights are like muscles: use them or lose them!


This section focuses on unethical and/or illegal harm to the public through the actions of public and private entities, including the following information:

Ø   What, who, how

Ø   Efforts being taken/needed to reduce harm

Ø   What you can do


Cases of Harm

The West Virginia Workers’ Compensation System is being privatized, with former WVA Compensation officials/doctors now able to profit from the privatized organization. Choice of physicians experienced in toxic injury care has been harmed, and numerous toxic injury victims denied medical care. For more information contact Kris Kostenko (304) 252-7060 or Dr. Michael Kostenko.


Please contact the contacting Trial Lawyers for Public Justice if you have any information on the following questions: Why are the AMA Guidelines for the Evaluation of Impairment (which rate total disability as near death) used to rate percentages for inability to work? Were they written by corporate/insurer representatives or others with a financial interest to reduce reimbursement for occupationally injured persons? Are you or others aware of jurisdictions or situations in which their use is not medically valid? If you currently have information on this problem or obtain information on it in the future, please contact the Trial Lawyers for Public Justice at 202-797-8600.

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