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Science-Based Knowledge about Chemical Injury and Chemical Sensitivity for the Lay Person, Patient, and Medical Professional

What is Chemical Injury?

It can range from the extremely obvious, such as a factory worker overcome by fumes from an industrial-strength chemical spill, to the virtually unnoticed constant exposure to the supposedly safe chemicals found in the products and places of our everyday lives.  From both of these extremes, to every point in between, chemical injury can result in a debilitating condition of chronic chemical sensitivity or other chemical environmental illness.   

What You値l Learn Here

This website is dedicated to providing both the public and the medical community with the latest research and information on chemical injury. You値l find articles, lists, and links covering the prevention, evaluation, and treatment of chemical sensitivity and related conditions caused by the thousands of poorly tested or untested, hazardous chemicals you are exposed to every day.  Each section features articles specifically written for the general public and articles specifically written for medical professionals.

Topics range from the negative impacts on health due to pesticides to the treatable forms of chemical sensitivity to regular updates on harmful chemicals and medical products and their damaging effects, including chemical causes of memory loss and new evidence that Parkinson's disease is caused by chemical exposure. Also, be sure read about an important new treatment for chemical injury and chemical sensitivity:

Neural Sensitization: The Medical Key to Treatment for Chemical Injury

Chemically injured patients that are required by an insurer to have a medical exam paid for by the insurer should be aware of their rights in order to be assured a safe and independent exam.

IME: Read how to protect your rights and obtain reasonable accommodations for a medical exam.

You値l also discover the roles genetics, stress, nutrition, damage to the brain and nervous system, and other factors play in the development of chronic chemical injury and sensitivities.

Dr. Ziem is


Hazardous substances that cause chemical injury and chemical sensitivity

Locating Information on ChemicalInjury.net


Hazardous Substances: This section of the site explains how exposure to chemicals in your daily life can injure you and provides a list to help you with identifying hazardous chemicals that can cause chemical injury and chemical sensitivity.


Preventing Chemical Injury: Learn how to recognize the early warning signs of injury from chemicals, understand your right to a safe and healthy workplace, find out the facts about pesticides and health, and many other important ways to prevent you and your loved ones from being injured by chemicals.


Medical Care: Discover in this section the latest information on evaluation and treatment of chemical sensitivity and other medical problems from chemical exposure, including the medical key to treatment: Neural Sensitization. You値l also learn which tests are valid and useful in making a diagnosis and which ones are actually harmful, and many other important topics important to both patient and doctor.


Environmental Controls: Chemically injured patients, in fact, everyone benefits from controlling their exposures to chemicals whenever possible at home, work, school, and other places they spend time. You値l find a complete environmental control plan in this section, an OSHA right to know form, a piece on what痴 really in fragrances besides pleasant smells, and more about how to protect yourself as you work towards better health.


Chemical Updates: This section contains regular updates on chemicals and their effects on human health, including how pesticides harm us, the latest on sensitivities and air fresheners, environmental toxins and pediatrics, and organic solvents and neurotoxicity.



鼎orporate Crime: This section focuses on unethical and/or illegal harm to the public by private and public interests. Learn what痴 being done and what you can do to reduce or eliminate chemical injury.



Media and Video: Watch a video 鏑earning About Chemical Injury, with Dr. Grace Ziem and you値l see how crucial understanding this problem is.



Biography of Dr. Grace Ziem: Learn about the doctor responsible for creating ChemicalInjury.net


How to prevent chemical injury, which can lead to environmental illness and chemical sensitivity

Medical care for the chemically injured, chemically sensitive patient.

How to control exposure to chemicals at home, work, and school.

Updates of chemicals and their effects on human health.

Focus on harm to the public by unethical and illegal use of chemicals.

Page features a video: Learning About Chemical Injury, with Dr. Grace Ziem.

Biography of Dr. Grace Ziem, author of chemicalinjury.net


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